Differential privacy: A primer for a non-technical audience

The Algorithmic Foundations of Differential Privacy

Learning About Differential Privacy#

Courses & Educational Materials from the Harvard University Privacy Tools Project

Designing Access with Differential Privacy

Programming Differential Privacy

Privacy and Confidentiality Protection Overview


The Complexity of Differential Privacy

Calibrating Noise to Sensitivity in Private Data Analysis (Laplace mechanism)

On Significance of the Least Significant Bits For Differential Privacy (Snapping mechanism and how floating-point numbers and the laplace mechanism leak)

Mechanism Design via Differential Privacy (Exponential mechanism)

Differential Privacy on Finite Computers (Geometric mechanism)

Privacy-preserving Statistical Estimation with Optimal Convergence Rates (Sample/aggregate and quantiles)

Deep Learning with Differential Privacy (Gradient descent)

U.S. Broadband Coverage Data Set: A Differentially Private Data Release

A Feasibility Study of Differentially Private Summary Statistics and Regression Analyses for Administrative Tax Data