opendp.prelude module#

The prelude module provides shortcuts that reduce the number of import statements needed to get started. In most of our notebooks we begin with:

>>> import opendp.prelude as dp
>>> dp.enable_features("contrib")

After that we can refer to members of mod, domains, metrics, measures, typing, accuracy, and context using the shortcut. Above, dp.enable_features is an example: Its full path is opendp.mod.enable_features().

In addition, three modules are distinctive and have shortcut submodules: transformations as t, measurements as m, and combinators as c. For example:

>>> type(dp.t.then_sum)
<class 'function'>
>>> type(dp.m.then_laplace)
<class 'function'>
>>> type(dp.c.make_basic_composition)
<class 'function'>