Making Pull Requests#

Here’s how to make a pull request to OpenDP.

Find or Create a GitHub Issue#

Go to opendp/opendp#issues and find an issue to work on. Leave a comment to indicate your interest. You are also welcome to create a new issue.

Create a New Branch off the main Branch#

Your branch should have a short name that includes the issue followed by a short description such as 123-typo-in-readme.

Commit Your Change to Your New Branch#

In the first line of your commit, please include the issue number you are addressing such as “fixed typo in readme #123”.

Rebase as Needed#

If new commits have been added to the main branch, please rebase to help maintain a clean history.

Push Your Branch to GitHub#

This will be a git push or equivalent.

Make a Pull Request#

After making your pull request, please check back for feedback from the core developers.